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Maybe you've seen me in femdom videos or dressed to thrill on various websites. My journey into fetish, kink, and BDSM started as a teenager when I first saw an issue of Skin Two magazine on the shelf of a comic book shop. The woman clad in latex with huge inflatable tits on the cover sparked something in me I hadn't felt before and my love affair with fetish began. I began seeking out situations and partners to experiment with and before long was convincing guys to let me tie them up. For prom I wore a skin tight pvc dress and paraded my date around in a collar and handcuffs, much to the chagrin of teachers and chaperones. Two years later I was interviewing at a commercial dungeon in the San Francisco bay area to be a professional dominatrix. I needed money for college and this seemed like a fun way to make some quick cash to cover bills. Little did I know it would turn into a decades long career. It was here I apprenticed under several Mistresses and began learning about all things BDSM. As I learned I began to develop my own style, find my personal kinks and discover what I truly loved - sadism, bondage, feminization, dressing for pleasure in latex and leather and using men as my playthings. The look in your eyes as I kiss your skin with My whip puts a smile on My face. My interests in bondage and fetish have evolved and I'm always learning new ways of seducing, tormenting, teasing, humiliating and dominating you every day. I use my feminine power and perverted intuition to make you bend to my desires and turn your fantasies into a reality while entertaining my own indulgences. You'll learn what a true Goddess is by being in my presence.

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